I cannot tell you how much better I feel. On the way home, in the car, I could turn my head without too much difficulty and I am sitting and standing straighter. I hadn’t noticed how bad my back was, I knew it was uncomfortable just not how tight. Thank you

Ann Rooney

‘Wow! What a difference! After my post pregnancy massage from Helen I went from feeling ‘achey and old’ to ‘cartwheeling bold’! My shoulders and back felt so sore after carrying my baby, so I treated myself to a massage. I found the experience professional, friendly and relaxing on the day but knew that it was money well spent after the tension and aching in my shoulders and back had disappeared! I’ve had massages before but this was by far the best and the most beneficial. Thank you so much Helen!’

Karin Ravenhall

At a particular time in my life when my work life balance was not good & my emotional wellbeing was at a low, my aromatherapy massages with Helen were my ‘calm in the storm’.   I looked forward to them & enjoyed every minute of them & I know they helped to carry me through. Helen is a wonderful, caring, well trained, talented, perceptive & intuitive therapist who uses a sound combination of aromatherapy knowledge, anatomy  knowledge & massage skills to tailor her treatments. Helen’s treatments include a mix of what you want & need both at the time & over time. I refer to her as ‘The Body & Soul Therapist’

Dee Miller

Helens massages are fantastic. Knots are eliminated, muscles relaxed and I always leave the treatment room feeling balanced, taller and energised. Brilliant!

Debs Wilson

Since I have been having regular massages with Helen, I have not had the neck and back pains that I normally have. I am much more relaxed and calmer and movement is so much easier

Terry Wooton